What are the restrictions on my teen’s G1 license?

The time has finally arrived. The time when those first few steps toward real independence are taken. Your teen has written and passed the G1 test and he or she is itching to get on the road!

Before you hop in the car and start driving, however, be sure you and your teen know the rules. After all this is your baby we’re talking about, and these rules have been put in place to keep him or her safe.

Your G1 driver…

  • must be accompanied by a licensed Class G or higher driver with at least four years of driving experience and a blood alcohol level of less than 0.05% (LESS than the legal limit of a fully-licensed driver, 0.08%).
  • must have a blood alcohol level of 0.0%.
  • must ensure that each passenger has a working seat belt.
  • must not drive on any 400-series highway with a posted speed limit over 80km/h unless accompanied by a driving instructor.
  • must not drive between midnight and 5:00am.
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