What are the restrictions on my teen’s G2 license?

Your teen has passed the G1 exit test and he or she is ready to experience this new-found independence. However, having a G2 license is not the same as being fully licensed; having a G2 indicates one is still learning. These restrictions are intended to eliminate distractions which could cause an accident, serious injury, or even death.

Before you hand over the keys be sure your teen knows the rules!

Your G2 driver…

  • must have a blood alcohol level of 0.0%.
  • must ensure that every passenger has a seat belt.
  • must not drive with more than one passenger under the age of 19 within the first 6 months of driving with a G2.
  • may have up to 3 passengers under the age of 19 between 6 months of driving with a G2 and obtaining a full G or when he or she turns 20.
  • is exempt from passenger age restrictions if accompanied by a fully licensed driver or if the passengers are immediate family members.
  • may not operate a limited-speed motorcycle or moped.
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