One Person, One Seatbelt Law – Now in Effect

As of November 2, 2006, everyone in a vehicle must be buckled up or secured in the appropriate child car safety seat – it’s the law. This legislation closed a loophole where some people were carrying more passengers than the number of seatbelts in the vehicle.

The “one person, one seatbelt” legislation prohibits “doubling up”– that is, two or more people using the same seatbelt at the same time.

Drivers are responsible to make sure all passengers under 16 years of age are wearing a seatbelt or are secured in an appropriate child car safety seat. Those passengers 16 years of age and older must wear a seatbelt or could personally face a fine.

The fine for failing to use, or improperly using, a seatbelt is $90 plus a victim surcharge of $20. In addition, drivers who fail to use or who improperly use a seatbelt can have two demerit points applied to their driver record.

The “one person, one seatbelt” law will help prevent needless deaths and injuries on Ontario’s roads. Please buckle up.

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