Ontario Students Unite

Impaired driving is the number one killer of teens in Canada. One youth-led organization has made it their mission to eliminate impaired driving in our country.

OSAID (Ontario Students Against Impaired Driving)has been telling youth and adults about the dangers of impaired driving for almost 20 years. Surprisingly, impaired driving does not have to involve alcohol, although it is the most common cause. Anything that hampers one’s ability to drive safely is considered an impairment. Marijuana, prescription drugs, fatigue, and even in-car distractions can lead to impaired driving.

According to 15 year-old Catherine, an OSAID member from Red Lake Ontario, “Youth of today feel invincible, it’s our job to tell them otherwise.” OSAID groups across the province work tirelessly to promote smart choices when it comes to drinking and driving. Many groups host motivational speakers, display mock car crashes or sponsor events such as “Oksoberfest” and “Mocktails” to help raise awareness and eliminate impaired driving.

Through our provincial association, we are proud to provide financial and resource support to OSAID and this worthy cause.

Catherine has this message for all parents:

“You are a huge influence on your children even if you do not realize it. Encourage your children to always designate a sober driver. Tell them repeatedly to never drive impaired or get into a vehicle with a person who is under the influence of any kind of drug. It may be a little annoying to your child, but it really IS for their own good! We can never stress enough that it is not okay to drink and drive. Tell your son or daughter that it is okay to stay sober, and that they can still have a fun time. And ALWAYS reward their efforts to get themselves and their friends home safely.”

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