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Home & Auto Insurance Department

Name Position ext. Email
Tricia Wright Account Executive 305 twright@nicolinsurance.com
Terri Ruhl Account Manager 326 truhl@nicolinsurance.com
Lynne Kazarian Account Executive 316 lkazarian@nicolinsurance.com

Commercial Insurance Department

Kate Hamill Account Executive 315 khamill@nicolinsurance.com
Rebecca MacVicar Account Executive 320 rmacvicar@nicolinsurance.com
Tara McMillan Account Manager 314 tmcmillan@nicolinsurance.com
Ashley O’Leary Account Manager 304 aoleary@nicolinsurance.com
Don Sweatman Group Benefits Account Executive 310 dsweatman@nicolinsurance.com
Travis Dodd Business Development Manager 331 tdodd@nicolinsurance.com
Matt Brown Commercial, Farm and Agricultural Account Executive 330 mbrown@nicolinsurance.com
Jaclyn Searles Small Business Coordinator 321 jsearles@nicolinsurance.com
Laura Snider Account Manager 308 lsnider@nicolinsurance.com