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It’s always better to be part of a group

So here’s a program for your organization that offers preferred rates on your home and auto insurance. And it’s not just about rates – you’ll belong to a group that enjoys guaranteed protection and assistance when it’s needed most.

Products and services that benefit you

  • Novex Assistance, an exclusive program providing extra support beyond your policy such as Legal Information Service and emergency Family Care Assistance.
  • my name® Identity Theft Assistance Plus, a total solution when it comes to the threat of identity theft.
  • my home & auto®, a perfect combination of home and car insurance loaded with savings and benefits in a one-policy solution.
  • Responsible Driver Guarantee® ensures that customers with our best driving record won’t see an increase in premium as a direct result of a first at-fault accident.
  • 30 Minute Claims Guarantee – puts you in touch with a Novex Claims Representative within 30 minutes… guaranteed*.

Rates & Discounts

As a Novex Group Insurance customer you’ll benefit from preferred rates.

  • 10% discount on your car insurance.
  • 15% discount on your property insurance.
  • Have two or more cars and see your premium decrease!
  • Additional discounts for mature, claims-free, mortgage-free and non-smoking customers.
  • No interest or service charges on our payment plans.

Contact Pam Davis for more information.

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